pictures of the tobshuur i built and other instruments

Here is a view down the neck

A close up of the face

the skin is goat i had taken off an old drum, the fur ball is a strip of fur wrapped around the strings behind the bridge to dampen unwanted ringing

The Tobshuur in the company of the Igil and Byzanchie i got from Sasha Bapa

The byzanchie is pretty much how i got it from Sasha, the Igil, however, had unfinished wood, no headstock ornanment and a maroon body. The horse head i already had (i didn't carve it), so i fitted it to the head stock and then put a lacquer on the wood and repainted the rest.

a close up of the Igil and Byzanchie headstocks

Here are my daughters, Meghan and Amelia, rockin' out on Igil and Tobshuur

If you look closely you may be able to see the McIntyre violin pickup on the Igil, i also mounted one of their Banjo pickups internally on the Tobshuur

my kids were having so much fun i just had to join in

you can hear the tobshuur on the May samples and the other instruments on the February samples page

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