Tobshuur and English text

Here are a few files where i took the Tobshuur i built through it's paces. Also, i tried coming up with some English language text for the songs.

Steppeland Dreaming (the song)

i got the basic chord structure for this song from one of the cuts on the CD that comes with the Van Tongren Overtone Book. The Tobshuur is tuned in 4ths and played with the back of the fingers so the nail strikes the strings similar to a pick. i then tuned my Igil in 5ths and plucked it as one might with a Doshpuluur. The text just explores the fact that the only connection and experience i have with Tuva is via the music.

The Faithful Fox

i simply tried to imitate the style i've heard on some songs from the Altai province that are used to tell folkloric stories. The Tobshuur is played with a pick. The text is adapted from an old Mongolian Folktale.

Three Days Deep

The music for this is from an Uch-Sume-R song that i heard from a live recording. The text is something i came up with for a special event the church i'm involved with had over the Easter weekend. It basically explores what the disciples of Jesus may have been feeling and thinking after his death but before his ressurection. The challenge vocally was switching between all the various styles while adjusting my positioning to the microphone to keep the levels fairly similar, all in one take.

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