Here are a variety of very Lo-Fi recordings that Sean P. Quirk and brian grover quickly cobbled together in the begining of February 2003.

The intonation goes South now and again and the rhythm is a bit squirrely, but we were recording catch as catch can tucked away in closets late at night trying not to disturb family and neighbors so we had to be satisfied with what we could get.

The compositions are adaptations loosely based on traditional songs. Perhaps if Sean gets the Fulbright Grant to study in Tuva for a year he'll get enough of a handle on the language that we could actually try to do the original traditionals justice. Until then we're singing approximated jibberish.

  • Altai Saga
    a loose interpretation of the Kai song style
  • Exile's Lament
    we started trying to do Mezhegei but bailed on that and ended up with this
  • Gobi Caravan
    adapted from various Mongolian melodies
  • Courage of the Orphan
    this started as Irik Chuduk, but it wasn't working
    so we went for a more free form approach
  • Fiesty Bottle
    taken from a song about the powers of alcohol
  • Kazach Song
    taken from a Mongolian song about 5 Kazachs
  • Hei Hei
    adapted from Khakasia and Altai melodies

    Songs with Didgeridoo
  • Didgiahho
    starts with a little didge solo and then into Ah Ho
  • Yidirki Samai
    a little didge, a little khoomei, a little Arabic percussion, alot of sniff
  • Sayir Grace
    melding tuvan and western melodies over a mesmerizing sonic tapestry

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