some recordings from Summer 2003 and Spring 2004

Live from Asian moon Fest 2003

some bootlegs from our show

rough cuts from March 2004

a little khoomei kind of in the lullaby style, text from Gennadi Tumat CD

Desert Kargyraa
some kargyraa, text is some that Sean and i have been working on. The first verse is probably grammatically correct but the second verse is a bit hacked together.

Poor and Lonely
trying to do Chok-la Kizhi Yry, though i got the timing a wrong when doing the doshpuluur track so i had to rush the singing. The English verse in the middle i made up on the fly, not a direct interpretation of the Tuvan text, but in the same spirit.

Igil of Oskus-ol
taking a whirl at the classic tale. Pacing needs some work but it's OK

Blind Tarvaa
quick pass at the origin story of the famed Mongolian tale weaver

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