here is the doshpuluur i built using similar construction methods as the tobshuur

and a close up of the body

the construction is a bit cruder then my previous projects, but hey, it works
the strings are made of twisted horse hair
the skin is stingray which obviously would not be traditional but holds up much better to the drastic humidity changes in chicago.
the dark square shapes near the bridge is where the internal pick-up is attached

here is a shot of the back

that's some sort of white fish skin on the back and a simple cloth edging

and a view down the neck

those are just regular guitar tuning pegs i scavenged off an old electric guitar

Here is my younger daughter Amelia and her friend Nathan taking it through it's paces

she's not actually doing sygyt, but she's seen me enough that she can make the face

sound files

all i have so far is this little nomadic whimsy
a light hearted riff on the doshpuluur with a bit of khoomei and sygyt
sorry if it's a little lo-fi, i did it in a hurry

hopefully i'll get some more sounds up soon, though i'm a bit busy getting ready for the
International Horse Archery Festival

so if you don't come hear me at the fest you'll probably have to wait until mid September before i get anymore tunes posted.

here is the doshpuluur in the company of it's peers

closer in on the bodies as well as the H'mong and Altai khomus
i also restrung the Igil and Byzanchie with horse hair

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