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i've been working on trying to learn khoomei since about mid September 1999. i had been aware of throat singing in the style of the Tibetan Monks before then, but never really interested enough to pursue it. Then someone on a Didgeridoo e-mail list i'm on mentioned a Scientific American article on Tuvan Throat-Singing. The sound files on their web site astounded me, i never knew throat singing could sound like that. Ironically i had a Didgeridoo disc by Philip Peris that had some throat-singing on it by Tran Quang Hai, but had always thought the high harmonics were some other weird instrument. Anyway, shortly after thoroughly perusing the Scientific American site i was able to see the movie Genghis Blues and that was enough to push me the rest of the way into getting serious about trying to figure out how to really do it.

After a mere 3 months of effort i was so excited with my new found sounds that i actually recorded some neophyte kargyraa on the busker kibbutznik CD. Almost a year later Steve Sklar made his way down to Chicago from the Twin Cities to conduct a 2 day workshop which was very helpful in clearing up many of the finer details of technique. Over the next couple of years i worked on refining and improving my technique. But, alas, Chicago was a bit of a khoomei waste land. Though there had been a number of fine performances no regular methods of instruction were available. Since there was no one else available i was picked up by the Old Town School of Folk Music to teach introductory throat-singing classes.

the past few years have been filled with gathering and building traditional instruments and continued progress in singing technique.
Meanwhile my friend Sean P. Quirk had managed to land a Fulbright grant to study music, language and culture in Tuva during 2004.
During the summer of 2004 i was able to put together a one month trip to Tuva to visit Sean and meet all the people he had gotten to know. It was great to visit Tuva and have a friend there with similar interests to act as my full time guide and translator. Hopefully i'll have more about that trip up on this site soon.

Well, that is the story so far

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