some songs of

Alexandr Sarzhat-ool

While i was at a friend's house in Kyzyl someone picked up a guitar, and as often happens, began playing songs by Alexandr Sarzhat-ool. i slid my recorder out of my pocket to inconspicuously record the music.

Alexandr Sarzhat-ool is quite popular and has become a voice for the common man. However his songs have never been properly recorded. They are important songs for many reasons beyond just being loved by the people. Alexandr has been fearless in taking on the issues of the day and speaking out for his people. Whether calling attention to the struggles of the veterans returning from Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, lauding the importance of loving and dedicated mothers, railing against corruption in the government, or speaking to the importance of traditional heritage, he always had a way of connecting with peoples' hearts and minds.

So, though these recordings were totally unplanned and very rough around the edges, i felt it was important to document these songs in some way.

We discussed the songs at length that evening, and i think i remembered which ones were which, but i'm not entirely sure about that. In any case here are the songs for you to enjoy.

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