here are a few songs i recorded real fast so i'd have some recent music to distribute for the
November 2005 tour of New Mexico

Edo's Song

This is an adaptation of a song by Anchykara (aka Edo) Damdyn that i heard him perform many times while i was in Tuva in 2004. You can hear Edo singing it on the DVD Sygyt, Khoomei Ovur Cherde

Edo usually sings it with guitar and the text, as i understand it, is about how wonderful throat singing is and how our cultural traditions are vital foundations for living

i am playing the song on the Chanzy i got from Marat Damdyn while i was in Tuva and, since i've noticed many similarities between the Native Tuvans and Native Americans, i added a native American style flute part to the arrangement

Kargyraa Moan

This is a song by Paul Pena, you can hear the original on the Genghis Blues soundtrack.

Paul used slide dobro on his recording, i'm using the chanzy and i added a verse at the end as a memorial to Paul

Pearl's Passing

This is an adaptation of a song i believe was written by Mongun-ool Ondar. i heard the song from Todoriki Masahiko and if i understood correctly the song was intended to be a lullaby but ended up as a tribute to his mother

My wife's Grandmother passed away in the Fall of 2004, since she had lived a rural farming life there seemed to be some connections between the original text and her life so i composed some verses in English as a tribute to her

Alash Khem

A quick stab at the classic song sygyt style. i'm only singing the text of the first verse and i took some liberties with the melody but it is close enough to the original to be recognizable

the translation of the text would be something like:

Behold the mighty Alash with it's many tributaries
like a picture of my love with many braids in her hair

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