Getting to the other side of the world and deep into Siberia requires a lot of logistics and planning; to be successful a trip requires much cultural sensitivity and flexibility. We welcome ideas, suggestions and insights so feel free to contact us with comments or questions. We also believe in the power of prayer, if you do as well we would ask you to pray that we would have clear direction and the proper wisdom to be effective and, above all, that we would always walk in love and respect with those we are interfacing with.

Currently the Steppeland Dreaming Initiative opperates as a project outreach program. Meaning that we plan and outline goals for a specific trip and then raise enough finances to put the planned trip into action. Since we live in an intentional community that supports all it members and outreaches through a common purse we don't have extra finances to put aside for projects such as the Steppeland Dreaming Initiative. So finances for trips must be primarily raised through the generous support of like minded people who believe in the goals that the Steppeland Dreaming Initiative is trying to accomplish.

If you'd like to support the Steppeland Dreaming Initiative financially you send a check or money order to our partner outreach
Hope In Transit
PO Box 2096
Lakeside, AZ 85929

make the check payable to "Hope In Transit" and put TUVA OUTREACH on the memo line.

To donate online please go to Hope in Transit site click on the "make a donation" button and be sure to put TUVA OUTREACH in the description field.

If you don't need a receipt to make your donation eligible for tax deduction and you'd rather send the funding directly to us you may send it to
brian grover
920 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

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